Patty Greer Crop Circles
Patty Greer Crop Circles


Let’s Learn To Read the Messages Together

Crop Circles have appeared for centuries as physical manifestations of a co-creation of multi-dimensional communications between the Earth, ETs and humanity. Science has seen consistent evidence of bio-physical changes in the stalks of real Crop Circles. Human made Crop Circles always show traces of broken plants where they bend, which is how you can tell. With an average of 150 new Crop Circles documented every year around the world, it’s time we learn to read them, don’t you think?

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With a relentless passion and undying patience the unimaginable appeared before her eyes more than once! After an out-of-body-experience in a 2007 UK Crop Circle she produced 6 documentary films in record time. With no training or experience in filmmaking or UFOlogy whatsoever they received 6 prestigious awards. Greer visited more than 100 English Crop Circles personally in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2014. Taking the study into a new realm of possibilities she exposes daunting clips from her films as evidence that Balls of Light appear to be involved in the creation of many Crop Circles! This is amazing to see* With a massive collection of Crop Circle images and footage spanning the past 30 years, we can see how the Circlemakers have used great clarity on many levels to reach us in a language we all understand: Art and Math.

The messages are delivered on a conscious and subliminal level and are meant for all who look at them, including humans and ‘others.’ Brilliant really, as the messages are intended to evolve the collective mind, so they are left in open fields for those flying over as well as those on, and within the earth, as well in the waters! See the direct correlations between Crop Circle and historic events, messages that exposed blatant warnings for humanity – that were never publicly acknowledged. We bridge the gap between metaphysics, ET technologies and science together in an exquisite visual presentation that includes multi-dimensional realities on film! More than 150 Crop Circles have been documented annually around the world, with an average of 75 located in the epicenter, Wiltshire England. These movies explain why.

Crop Circles have mystified people for centuries as one of the greatest wonders of the world. Acres of grain are seamlessly swirled down into meticulous patterns boasting precise pictograms, distant star maps, propulsion technologies, free energy schematics, sacred geometries, and coded messages that have been deciphered. The epicenter of this mystical phenomenon lay somewhere between Stonehenge and the Avebury Stone Circle in southern England. The area is laced with sacred sites and ancient stone circles where people have performed multi-dimensional rituals for thousands of years! Not to be taken lightly, the ley line map of this region looks like a huge spider web, sitting over the largest salt water aquifer in the world. Earth, air, water and ritual came together to attract the epicenter of the Crop Circle mystique!

These movies are your back-stage pass to unraveling these multi-world communications on a whole new level. You’ll see hundreds of Crop Circle images carefully organized, so that if you look intently… you will learn how to read them! Would you also like to know where Crop Circles initially come from? Patty Greer spent 3 weeks on the farm and at the lab last year, learning about the science behind Crop Circle deliveries and the bio-physical evidence within. She was totally blown away to learn that Crop Circles originate from within the Earth! Take a breath or two on that… as this is a whole new way to look at Crop Circles and it makes sense!

The grain fields of Earth are being poisoned, and her blood is being fracked. Her air is being toxified and people are allowing it all. The Earth has been reaching out to all living beings for centuries with sticky notes in the fields that we have called “Crop Circles and Faerie Rings.” The messages have been seen and documented for decades, yet very few humans have been listening.

Another stunning anomaly found in Crop Circles is the presence of iron ore molded into the fibers of the leaves. This would require a temperature of about 1,200 C to be floating around in the air in the middle of a field at night. So where are they coming from and how does this happen?

Crop Circles are visibly exquisite to look at and extremely buzzy inside due to an enhanced electro-magnetic field within. People often get goose bumps and cameras and phone stop working…


Studying the famous 1996 Oliver’s Castle Crop Circle footage where two Balls of Light lay a Crop Circle down in seconds, Greer found what appears to be a direct band of coded information between the two Balls of Light just before they laid the Crop Circle down. You are taken deep into the epicenter of the Crop Circle phenomenon to experience these magnificent formations and meet the real Croppies like you have a back stage pass!


Patty Greer spent time with a scientific research team to discuss their research on Crop Circles. A new explanation for their origins emerged, THIS is a much bigger story! Patty Greer has answered many of the world’s top Crop Circle questions with visible evidence in her movies. ( So why has the media strayed away for decades and hired posers/actors with boards and ropes to take credit for these other-worldly communications? And why have film distributors gone to such lengths to hide important movies like these from the public for years?


Might the coded messages in braille and binary be offering important keys of wisdom to direct the course of our evolution? Sacred geometries and pictograms have exposed historic events and warnings, but few people were looking or listening. Dozens of Crop Circles exposed diagrams and schematics for propulsion and free energy technologies when they were spun. Some Crop Circles point directly to sacred sites, while others boast
ancient languages that haven’t been seen for centuries.


So what are they telling us and why is nobody listening? These formations are huge, intricate, intentional and illuminating! We are living in a time of historic evolution, yet much is being kept from the public. With UFO dis-information rampant across the world, it’s almost impossible to know who to trust. So trust nature and the earth and learn to read the signs being left in plain sight as Crop Circles.

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    The Shift Has Hit The Fan connects free energy & advanced technology to the ET presence. Brilliant sources define daunting secrets of our unspoken reality today: Free energy, 3D printing, water cars, secret space programs and more.

    With: Searl Aerospace, Sacha Stone, Foster Gamble, Stanton Friedman, Richard Dolan, Michael Tellinger and more!

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  • Crop Circle Update – The Wake Up Call


    Crop Circle Update – The Wake Up Call begins with daunting footage of 2 Balls of Light creating a Crop Circle in seconds! See a visible band of what appears to be coded communication directly between 2 Balls of Light! This may prove once and for all that the 1996 Oliver’s Castle Crop Circle footage is REAL! Winner of 4 prestigious awards including Best Music, Best Feature Film (2), and Audience Favorite. Most Crop Circle questions are answered!

  • One Event – Other Worlds – 4 Stories


    4 Stories – One Event – Other Worlds features 4 groups of people from three different countries who ALL saw Orange Balls of Light appear over a UK Crop Circle on July 29, 2010. Each of them felt a telepathic communication with the Balls of Light and they all had total recall of their event! Two men from Belgium saw “Light Beings come out of a Ball of Light!” This is one of the most intense Crop Circle events to be filmed in England yet!

  • Orbs and Light Beings


    Orbs and Light Beings is the NEW TITLE for:  4 Stories – One Event – Other Worlds. Reason being, people who love ORBS couldn’t find the movie with that title! Without a doubt, the Orb photos in this movie are some of the best in the world.  2 Episodes: 1) 4 Stories – One Event – Other Worlds – Orange Balls of Light appeared over a field in the UK! 2) The second story introduces Yvonne Scouller from Australia and her photographic account including thousands of ‘Other Dimensional Beings!”

  • The Wake Up Call – Anybody Listening?


    The Wake Up Call – Anybody Listening? Steeped in spiritual history and sprinkled with ancient sacred sites and stone circles, Wiltshire England offers magic and wonder! The Circlemakers use this area as a canvas for the epicenter of the mystifying Crop Circle phenomenon. Experience the meticulous precision of Crop Circles and learn to understand the messages. Meet the Croppies who return every year to the fields to understand what’s really going on!

  • We’re Already In It – 2012


    We’re Already In It- 2012 –  is a timeless film offering ancient wisdom and scientific probabilities focused on evolution. Deciphering subliminal messages in our everyday lives, we learn to read Crop Circle messages and interpret the ancient prophecies. Supporting the truth and exposing misleading news, our intention is full awakening. Beautifully filmed in England with heartwarming music. Featuring: Patricia Cori, Ian R. Crane, Isabelle Kingston.

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