Patty Greer makes award winning films about crop circles.

 Winner of 8 Prestigious Film-Making Awards Including 5 EBE Awards at the International UFO Congress Convention

Patty Greer is one of the hardest working UFO filmmakers in the world. She completed 8 full feature UFO films in the last 10 years that offer explosive new evidence, footage and data about Crop Circles and Plasma Physics. Without misleading or confusing mis-information her movies were filmed in the UK Crop Circle fields where she interviewed the people who returned to the fields year after year like she did. She’s a woman who is bold, direct and intuitive who spent 9 weeks each summer laying in Crop Circles in 2007 and 2008, returning in 2010, 2011, and 2014 with cameras. She has visited more than 100 UK Crop Circle personally and fearlessly filmed mind-boggling multi-dimensional footage for years!

Greer entered her first UK Crop Circles in 2006 and knew instantly that she had stepped into a different, perhaps parallel reality. The energetic buzz was so strong that she had tingles and goosebumps from head to toe. There was some kind of enhanced electromagnetic energy field inside the Crop Circle formations. Mesmerized by the sensations she visited the Crop Circles day and night. Her newest film “Crop Circle Diaries” is definitely her best!

In August 2007 Patty entered a Crop Circle formation near Sugar Hill in Wiltshire England. She nestled into the warm wheat in the center of the formation and passed out... or so it seemed. When she ‘woke up’ her vision was incredibly acute and her hearing remarkably improved. She felt different, re-calibrated perhaps because she saw things moving across the sky that she had never seen before. It took her a while to realize that she had just experienced ET Contact.  And it wasn't her first time…



With no training in filmmaking whatsoever Greer hired a UK film crew to shoot a day in the Crop Circles with her “Croppy” friends. She brought the footage back to America and hired an editor on Craigslist. At the end of the edit Patty received a clear telepathic communication that caused her to discover a binary code communication between two spinning plasma balls of light as they produced a Crop Circle in seconds! This discovery was historic and ended her 1st film: “The Wake Up Call - Anybody Listening?”  Within 2 years she had produced 4 full feature films that received 6 prestigious awards including 3 EBE at the International UFO Congress Convention: 2 for Best Feature Film, and 1 for Best Musical Score. The movies are a magical a journey through the fields of southern England to the epicenter the phenomenon where the magic happens! If you can't get there to see them yourself, these movies are the next best thing!

“Crop Circle Diaries” is Greer’s newest and most important film yet. She feels the big questions were finally answered! Crop Circles are coming out of the earth, not from the sky! The movie features Greer the experiencer and Penny Kelly who worked with the great scientist William Levengood in the lab on the most advanced Crop Circles research to date. The film exposed their suppressed scientific discoveries with impeccable evidence, and presents footage of balls of light creating Crop Circles in seconds in both England and France! “Crop Circle Diaries” weaves the wisdom and experience of 2 women who intimately know Crop Circles. Reviews have been stellar!

"Crop Circle Diaries" just received 2 new EBE Awards at the International UFO Congress Convention for 'Best UFO Feature Film 2017' & 'The People's Choice Award'


Movie 1= “The Wake Up Call – Anybody Listening?

Movie 2= “UFOs, ETs, Abductees & Brilliant Minds

Movie 3= “2012 – We’re Already In It

Movie 4= “Crop Circle Update – The Wake Up Call



Movie 5= “The Shift Has Hit The Fan

Movie 6=  “Orbs & Light Beings

Movie 7=  “Women Of Today

Movie 8= “Crop Circle Diaries


  • Patty Greer was nominated for a Ted Talk in 2017.
  • Patty was a speaker at many of the UFO events in the US and Canada over the past few years. Her talks focus on Crop Circles, Plasma and Orbs.
  • Patty Greer has been interviewed on Coast to Coast radio 7 times with hosts: George Norry and Richard Syrett in Canada
  • Patty has 6 new upcoming internet shows with Alfred Lambremont Webre at the top of 2017: A Roundtable Conversation with Alfred and Patty Greer and very unique guests taking us into the New Era of Technology and Consciousness. The first show featured Penny Kelly who was the partner of the late great scientist William Levengood. Together they solved most of the Crop Circle mysteries. Penny is featured in Patty's new movie, "Crop Circle Diaries"
  • The next 4 shows feature cutting edge free energy scientists at the Roundtable: Ralph and Marsha Ring, Doug Linman, Bogdan Majkic, and Searl Aerospace

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