Orbs And Beings of LIght

A NEW Movie by Award Winning Filmmaker Patty Greer

“Orbs and Light Beings” features two very amazing stories! One in the UK, one in Australia. 1) Orange Balls of Light appeared over a field in the UK and stunned lots of people! Two men from Belgium said they “watched Illuminated Light Beings with arms, legs and head come out of a Ball of Light!” Our interview took place a few hours after their experience and they were both still red-faced and staring at the ground as if they were in shock. One man stated, “My eyes don’t lie, it’s just my rational mind that tries to find a rational explanation!” The next day a man from Holland and a 6 year old girl from Belgium had also visited that crop circle. Both claimed “Orange Beings told them the Crop Circle wasn’t done yet.” Two more phases of that crop circle appeared a few days later! A 4th group of people from France also witnessed the Orange Balls of Light that same night. They confirmed that they had seen them for sure, but didn’t know what they were. What are the chances that a filmmaker would meet and interview four groups of people in different parts of Southern England who ALL had the same experience on the very same night? This is our first story.

Orbs and Light Beings

Subtitle :  4 Stories – One Event – Other Worlds

2 Episodes
(Descriptions Below)

2) The second story introduces Yvonne Scouller from Australia and her photographic account including thousands of ‘Other Dimensional Beings!” It appears that they use her property as a portal to other worlds. Yvonne has taken more than 800,000 photos with 11 different cameras, shooting morning, noon and night. Her archive is entirely over the top, you will love this collection. We promise you’ll be impressed with “Orbs and Light Beings!”

Orbs and “Light Beings” takes us far beyond the lens flare conversation! The entities that she photographs appear in different places around her farm, and on her roof, and in her garden, and even inside her living room! You can see a visible connection between Spirit and this amazingly gifted Australia woman, Yvonne Scouller! We promise you will be impressed by this Orb image collection!

DVD $20.00 – Or Stream the Movie for $5.00 / 7 Day Accesss

DVD = 58 minute movie

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