UFOs ETs Abductees and Brilliant Minds


“UFOs ETs Abductees and Brilliant Minds” by Award Winning Filmmaker Patty Greer

29 Stunning Interviews - Best Of the International UFO Congress Convention

Breaking the silence of 17 years, Patty Greer was the first filmmaker granted permission to film backstage at the International UFO Congress Convention. This annual convention is known as "a crash course in UFO realities!" Watch 29 respected lecturers and 'Contactees' share illuminating stories that offer compelling evidence that ETs are in fact here, and that they have been interacting with humans for decades. These are breathtaking, intelligent stories with physical evidence!  The documentary is NOT sugar coated!

You are taken to a Nevada desert hotel where 800 UFO Experts and Contactees (abductees) met for 10 days and nights. You'll see 29 top researchers from around the world and hear shocking stories, backstage and personal!

You’ll see Cynthia, a Hybrid (half human/half alien) and hear her amazing life story. Therapist Barbara Lamb confirms that she has conducted more than 1,800 regression sessions with ET Contactees. Donald Schmitt discusses the Roswell incident in detail. Dr. JJ Hurtak and his wife Dr. Helene Hurtak offer a riveting discussion. Plus: Dolores Cannon, Nick Pope, Robert O. Dean, Wendell C. Stevens, Jaime Maussan, Santiago Yturria-Garza, Giorgio A.Tsoukalos, Richard Dolan and many more. Three different therapists specializing in Abduction cases speak out : Leo Sprinkle, Yvonne Smith, and Barbara Lamb. They can’t all be lying when so many cases are coming forward.

Photos: Wendelle Stevens UFO Photo Archive (largest UFO photo collection in the world) and the Crop Circle libraries of Patty Greer (USA), Janet Ossebaard (NL) and Bert Janssen (NL). Orbs of Light photos are from the Crystal mines of Arkansas.

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88 min. – PAL & NTSC available