Women of Today by Patty Greer

Talented.  Illuminating.  Brilliant!
At first all I saw was their beauty…
“Women of Today” is a NEW movie by award winning filmmaker Patty Greer.

Not a movie to be taken lightly the “Women Of Today” film will empower & inspire women around the world (Men will smile). Award winning filmmaker Patty Greer focuses on a silent element of our present reality long forgotten. Rising like a phoenix around the world Wise Women & their Medicine are back! As one of the greatest underlying secrets of human evolution, their wisdom & true magic are unmatched. Women produce babies & feed them naturally & have since the dawn of time. (Men have an equally important role) When men & women unite & create balance ~ grace & peace are achieved.

Like acupuncture points around the world “Women of Today” heal in all directions. They make a positive difference wherever they go, even if it’s just a smile because it’s authentic. They share remarkable wisdom on how to move gracefully through these trying times. We are experiencing the greatest shift ever in human Evolution right now, know it or not. Your expanding consciousness has never been more important!

Although the filmmaker claims this was her first “Non-UFO” movie, three of the women are personally involved in the Mars Mission! You’ll meet 33 uniquely exquisite women including professional dancers, an 88 year old senior Olympian who recently hiked a 100 mile trail, a barefoot runner, a paralegal performing acrobatics dangling from silk ribbons & a sensual hula hooper. 

Meet successful businesswomen triplets with the only all-female brewery in America. A psychotherapist, a Unity Minister, a Muzoetry musician and a top herbalist share visions & dreams. A poet drops classic rhyming lines, the author of a Cannabis Cookbook shares illuminating recipes. Elder artists, an incredible belly dancer, a Native American Grandmother & a psychic surgeon. Meet a young mother who gave birth over a yoga ball!  She walked her talk as a prenatal yoga teacher! And finally a beautiful prenatal/postpartum Doula with 2 young children, a pregnant belly with henna tattoos & long dreads presents the best natural baby delivery methods available today.

One of the many things these women have in common is a commitment to share higher consciousness wisdom with the world. They have all made a promise to assist others along the way and this is how we will progress as a species. Each woman has been on task for many years, offering beautiful gifts & not looking back. An incredible array of women are presented in all sizes, shapes, colors and lifestyles. None of them has had it easy getting to where they are today. They are you.  You are me.  And we are all together!

Featuring: Laura Eisenhower, Barbara Lamb, Brigitte Mars, Bina Mehta.
Music from Faith Rivera
Copyright 2016 Patty Greer Films

DVD $20.00 / Stream for $5.00 – 7 day access

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